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July 17, 2023

Many people may be curious about why they choose a slow food bowl for their dogs, and is it really useful when using it. Today, let's talk about the experience and feelings after using it.

The Hazards of Dogs Eating Too Fast

The reason why dogs have their own oral cavity determines that they are good at biting, but in terms of chewing, they are not particularly good. Eating too fast in dogs can cause significant burden and damage to the intestines and stomach. Some dogs, although they don't eat too much, are prone to gaining weight, which may be due to eating too fast. Therefore, the pooper needs to make appropriate corrections to the dog's behavior of eating too fast.

What is a slow eating basin and what are its main functions

On various shopping websites, people can see various types of slow food bowls with different prices, but basically they set certain obstacles in the dog bowl to intervene in the dog's eating speed. Some dogs can experience rapid digestion and absorption when eating, especially if their digestive system is weak. Over time, this can cause damage to their digestive system.

Is Slow Feeding Pet Bowl Really Useful?

The design of the slow food bowl is to slow down the speed of dogs eating, but many people have many concerns before using it. For example, can dogs eat from such a complex bowl? What should dogs do when they are particularly anxious?

Firstly, please don't worry. A dog's tongue is relatively long and soft and flexible. Using a slow food bowl is a food that can be eaten, not completely out of reach. It's just that the speed is relatively slow, and there's no need to intervene too much. Just let the dog eat slowly.

Secondly, some dogs are particularly anxious when using, even flipping and biting their bowls angrily, which are very bad behavior habits. You must stop this situation appropriately and not let it continue to develop. At this point, you can make the dog sit down, quiet for a few seconds, and then continue eating. If similar behavior occurs, continue to stop eating and keep the dog quiet. After a few stops, the dog will understand that some behaviors are not allowed, otherwise there will be no food to eat.

Once again, the slow food bowl can change the problem of dogs eating too fast, but it cannot solve the problem of dogs not chewing when eating. That is to say, after dogs use a slow food bowl, their eating speed will slow down, but dogs who do not like to chew will still not chew, so don't think that having a slow food bowl will make their family dogs chew. In fact, for dogs who like to wolf down, it takes a long process to develop a chewing habit.

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